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The given site is devoted to process of creation multiuser on-line games ( MMORPG ) on motives of product of Andrey Livadnyy, entering in a series to "History of the Galaxy"


The project commercial, is supposed that "client" of game will be free-of-charge, freely loaded of the Internet, and here " immersing in the world " and " inside " - on a paid basis (a monthly subscription) about "trial" the period in some days - that could be understood a life "as it there inside".

Game is constructed by a principle of "free world", i.e. the Player can simply hang in space though month and to do is nothing its right. It is planned to allow "to do all", but in the basic systems presence of "Military-space Forces of Confederation of the Sun"(MFS) will be felt and Patrol of Secutiry council of the Worlds - will disassemble on atoms especially cocky quickly and effectively. We think of an opportunity for players "to sign" the contract on service in MFS for concrete game time, with reception of additional experience at participation in operations MFS and patroling.

As is planned to resolve joint operations " space + a surface of a planet ", - i.e. at landing of troops on an another's planet players can support from an orbit fire the landing - the rockets which have been started up from an orbit, can amaze the purposes on a surface. It will be possible to land on a planet, to leave the ship and there "to live", or to construct the base and port, to erect in ore places own factories on extraction and processing, to start processes of terra-forming (the majority of the worlds initially are not suitable for a life - the oxygen worlds - a greater rarity).

One of serious questions whom we now discuss, is an application of modules " Singles ". We plan to enable the Player to buy and apply modules, as replacement of "pilot" by technics which it wishes to operate. Not the secret, that in others MMORPG the Player is compelled to pay for one more account, and on it to do to itself "assistant" (transportations, manufacture, protection) - i.e. it turns out that 6 players who have gathered in one place - actually are 2 alive persons :)

We initially plan presence of set of "unopened" planets (hundred thousand), which players will open and investigate. And in general, - the card of hypersphere in it of 100 % a kind will be not not seen by anybody :) Has begun is only the "marked" lines of Hypersphere (HS), leaders to the basic worlds of the Manned Galaxy, and many not studied branchings. As game begins with a word " Expansion... " We consider necessary that to enable players to search to ourselves for interesting places :) we Assume that in a consequence " the market of safe HS-routes " will be rather developed, i.e. more skilled players can create the routes and sell them. Well and if someone will put station HS in the star system found by it - that the way to it becomes marked and accessible to all other players - but (to attention of pirates!) on an output in new system " undesirable visitors " can get in a sight of batteries of planetary defense of the one who "has lead" this route to the planet - all as to lives :)

On the technical moments of realization (i.e. "engine" and other) the information while has the status "confidentially" :) as we shall approach to release - we shall announce that will be possible - meanwhile the general phrases: a server on UNIX to a platform, experts on multiline network processing as the big number (thousand) simultaneously playing is supposed are involved. The primary goal of " network interaction " it " local features of Russia and Ukraine " - i.e. to enable to play and to users from the modem in 28000bps speeds (dialup), at least in variants with a small amount of the ships in "visible" the Player of a part. For this purpose there are ideas - but the final result will show beta-testing.